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You deserve good news too!
Ike Novikoff - Founder
Good news

Good TV - good news 

We deliver good news.
Olga Novikova - Founder

We offer the good news. 

Good TV news are distributed via television broadcasters, media outlets and telcos. 

Good news are inspiring stories of 3-9 minutes length. 

For selected broadcast partners we offer 20-26 minutes weekly episodes. 

For telcos in content business we offer custom good news online programming. 

For advertisers we offer embedded channel.

Good TV is working with a wide range of media professionals


Good news tips: news (at) 

Commercial inquiries: ike (at) 


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It is often said that only bad news sells.

At the same time same people say that 

news don't make money. You can see our point. 

We do good news that live long and inspire many. 

We believe in humanity and are daily inspired by the good things that are happening around the world. 

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